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Babet Mader

Born and grew up in Berlin. Studied at the German Institute for Literature (Deutsches Literaturinstitut) Leipzig.

Since 2010 she has worked as author, co-author and copywriter. Novels, dialogues, short stories, poems, plays, short films.

Babet Mader: Dialoge

Babet Mader


Foto courtesy: Phillip Zwanzig
Softcover with flaps, colour photos
144 pages
18,00 Euros (D), 18,50 Euros (A)
ISBN: 978-3-944122-14-4

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A short audio clip from «Dialogues«, read by Linita Reimann:

Babet Mader

Väter. Novel
Hardcover, jacket. 176 pages
20,50 Euros (D), 21,00 Euros (A)
ISBN: 978-3-944122-05-2

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A short audio clip from »Fathers«, read by Elisabeth Koch:

Babet Mader: hungrig

Babet Mader
hungrig. novel
sewn soft cover. 128 pages.
18 Euros (D), 18,50 Euros (A).
ISBN: 978-3-944122-00-7

Her first novel »hungrig« .
Die Presse (Vienna): »Voice of the Generation 30.«

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Babet Mader reads »hungry«:

On the 18th of December 2012, SWR 2 broadcasted a reading from the novel »hungrig«   by Babet Mader, in its series »Tandem« ,  namely the first chapter: »Life is a big brothel and everyone is talking English«.
The radio broadcast was also live on the Web-Radio:

If you missed the broadcast, you can listen to it on the following link: als Podcast.

* Anna-Maria Wallner: »Stimme der Generation 30«. Die Presse (Wien), 16.11.2012, Schaufenster, S. 46.
* Irmgard Wutscher: »Entspannen ist unglaublich anstrengend«. Radio FM4 (ORF, Wien), 7.1. 2013. You can listen to it hier.
* Britta Helmbold: »Hungrig«. Ruhr-Nachrichten, 20.1. 2013.

PICTURES of Babet Mader’s readings at the Leipzig Bookfair 2013 (Moritzbastei, LitPop, Leseinsel der Jungen Verlage) here und here.

INTERVIEW with Babet Mader: »Mein Kopf ist immer an«.  About her new book »Dialoge«, why she prefers writing to speaking and that Germany sometimes feels like a bunch of beige socks.


17. Mai 2019, Buchdisko, Berlin
Babet Mader liest in der Buchdisko Berlin zusammen mit Jacob Matschenz aus Dialoge und unveröffentlichtem Material. 
Ort: Buchdisko, Florastraße 37, 13187 Berlin, Tel. 030/33855074